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Criminal & Family Law Attorney in Norfolk, VA

If you’re like most people who seek my services, you’re in some of the darkest circumstances of your life. It could be the end of your marriage, a troubled child, or an overwhelming financial situation.

I offer more than legal advice. I listen to my Virginia clients with an empathetic ear. We discuss and work out an effective plan tailored for the toughest criminal defense, family law or bankruptcy cases. No matter how emotionally distressing it may seem to you, I am prepared to hear your story.

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Sensible Divorce & Family Representation

Don’t spend time and money arguing for things you don’t need or aren’t worth it. A clean divorce proceeding maintains civil relationships for your children. We can set a good example for them to follow. The emotional distress you suffer from a divorce or custody dispute may lead you to seek retribution against your former spouse, but these actions tend to spill over to intimate parties such as your children. An efficient end to your marriage will help you transition into your new life.


Compassionate Juvenile Criminal Defense

Adults write laws, not children. It’s unreasonable to expect children to think as adults, but their judgement and actions are subject the same laws. We can help. We will educate your child about their actions and consequences. We encourage the child to take responsibility and to be part of the solution and get their life back on track.


More Areas in Criminal Law:

Strategic Bankruptcy & Debt Management

How many nights, counting dimples in your bedroom ceiling, have you worried about your debt? The stress ripples into the rest of your life by affecting your relationships and decision making. By picking the right solution we protect your family, your retirement and your dreams.

Bankruptcy is a complex administrative undertaking. The process can be confusing, and many people choose to have a lawyer help them with the process.


Your best interests are always our highest priority at Berkhimer Law.


A decade of practice means better preparation and outcomes for clients.


Tough legal matters do not need to cause damage to your loved ones.


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Guardian Ad LItem

– Kirk D. Berkhimer

The Standards to Govern the Performance of Guardians Ad Litem for Children states, "The role and responsibility of the GAL is to represent, as an attorney, the child's best interests before the court. The GAL is a full and active participant in the proceedings who independently investigates, assesses and advocates for the child's best interests."


An attorney looking out for Virginians

There are a lot of lawyers out there who can help you get a divorce, go through the bankruptcy process, defend a criminal charge or even draft a construction contract. Unfortunately, there are a lot fewer who will make the extra effort it takes to achieve solutions that leave you in a better position moving forward.

At my Norfolk, VA firm, I go the extra mile for my clients in southeastern Virginia every day.

Who are our clients? They are individuals, families, business owners and businesses faced with problems that could change the course of their lives and those around them. When Berkhimer Law takes on your case, it creates options you may not know were available. I take on criminal cases for adults, including DUIs, drug arrests, theft charges, assaults, and domestic violence. It takes having an attorney who will investigate every aspect of your case to give you the best chance for a fair outcome in Virginia. 

Legal solutions that work for your family

Berkhimer Law also serves residents across the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the communities of Portsmouth, Bay Island, Lynnwood, Chesapeake, Bowers Hill, Hampton, Salem, Princess Anne, Pungo, Suffolk, Elizabeth City, Poquoson, Newport News, Williamsburg and Gloucester Courthouse.

Service member divorce

As a military veteran, I understand the complexities and difficulties for service members and their spouses who come to the conclusion that divorce is the only option. It’s been difficult enough for military personnel deployed half a world away and their spouses to come to this decision without the additional stress of divorce proceedings. My goal is to leave the smallest impact on military families.

Relying on an experienced military divorce attorney can expedite the process of legally ending your relationship, dividing assets, and setting up care and visitation for your children. You will spend less time suffering over your past and have more time and money to spend on your future. Contact Berkhimer Law today and learn how my strategies can benefit you.